Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nutty mammals

Yesterday, I arrived for my organ lesson. I sat down and started to change into my organ shoes.

The shoe wouldn't go on. A cursory inspection found that the insole had come unglued; I tried pushing on the insole, then went to put the shoe on my foot again.

My organ teacher stares in disbelief. "What is that!?" he says. This prompts me to take a closer look at my shoe. Slowly, I realize there are foreign object in my shoe: birdseed and pecans. "I have mice," I respond.


WNK said...

At least you didn't find the mouse itself in your shoe! That actually happened to one of my students one day!

lyrl said...

Yikes! Your poor student!

Yes, I am grateful I didn't find a mouse in there. In contemplation, I think they're cute, but being surprised by them can be quite a shock.