Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy flowers

Three years ago, I moved my panther lilies. They were one of the many flowers that had come with our house, and had probably been in the same location for decades. Every year, they would lean away from the house until they fell over. Looking for sunlight, I guessed.

So I moved them to the edge of our yard: the neighbor's yard is much sunnier. The new flower location is more along a deer "trail". Now the panther lilies provide more mouthfuls for our local cervine population. The past couple of years, we've been lucky to have one flower escape the mouths of deer. I have wondered if my move was a good choice.

Now, the panther lilies are blooming. And not - as was the case every year near the house - just one flower to one plant. They have two, three, even four flowers on just one plant. These are happy flowers. Sunlight beats deer.