Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hydrangea: 95 years at my house

Today, I pulled up or hacked off a forest of baby maple trees, masses of nightshade vines, and a bramble thicket. The only thing that was supposed to be in the spot at the end of my driveway was a hydrangea.

Our elderly neighbor tells us that the hydrangea out front was planted when the original family moved in. We bought our house from the daughter of the family that built it in 1917.
I think that's so cool, to have a nearly 100-year-old flower bloom, welcoming everyone who passes by our driveway.

Sadly, I had neglected weeding for the past several years. The poor plant was hardly even visible. Instead of masses of platter-sized white blossom clusters, this year we had just a few clusters the size of a hand.

It's not exactly New Year's, but here is my resolution: stay on top of my yard a little better, so we can enjoy the show for many decades to come.