Sunday, March 22, 2009


The living room at the back of our house was not part of the original, 90-year old house. First, there was a cistern there. Then a back porch half the width of the house. And later, a living room spanning the entire width of the house. Only, the roof was at a much shallower angle than the rest of the house, and leaked. The previous owner (one of the daughters of the family that had the house built) was elderly and just let it leak, so there's a lot of water damage in that room. The previous owner's sister arranged for the house to be re-roofed before we bought it - but it still leaks there.

We have had that room torn off, and are rebuilding it with a flat roof (and the special membranes that involves) rather than attempt fix a shallow sloping roof that hasn't worked in decades. And while we're at it, we're adding an extra 200 square feet. As of Friday, the foundations are done: South living room foundations

The wall running halfway through the center is the foundations of the old room - beyond that is the new space we're adding. Our contractor demolished half of the old wall before realizing they didn't need to do that.

The progress so far has been really exciting. I'm sure the progress this next week will be even more so, as that room starts to take shape.

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