Sunday, March 15, 2009

EPOCH+R, round four

My white blood cell count was good enough in round three, my oncologist increased my dosage again. 20% more of the E,C, and H drugs. I slept more than in previous cycles. The IV anti-nausea medication they give me in the afternoon didn't last the full 24 hours; I took a pill once each morning.

For my steroid taper, I'm trying my 20mg dose in the afternoon Saturday, and then the 10mg dose with dinner Sunday. Last cycle, I took both doses in the morning; I'm hoping by pushing out the schedule I'll get the inflammation to subside sooner. While having any kind of taper helps with the level of pain, having it hurt to touch my torso is annoying even at lower pain levels.

I've had some of the icy/tingly sensations in my lips, but not as bad as last cycle. Yesterday, I had ringing/buzzing in my ears for about an hour when I got up in the morning; I had not had that side effect at all in round three. Otherwise - pretty much the same.

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