Sunday, March 15, 2009


Monday, a contractor started working on our house. Our south living room has roof/water issues, and while fixing those we're expanding the room. Currently, the south wall of the house is gone, along with the floor of that room.

Our porch has no foundation, and has sunk over the 80-year life of the house. At some point, the sinking porch would pull down on the roof enough to damage the rest of the house. So the front porch is now torn off, in preparation for foundations and a rebuild.

About half of our new windows are installed. I was worried I'd miss the old wood windows with the weights, but I've found myself pretty excited with the new ones.

We wanted to do major work on this house from the time we bought it four years ago. Talking and planning for so long, and now it's actually happening. I'm almost giddy.


Jen said...

How exciting! I've wanted to remodel our kitchen since we moved in, but never wanted to live through the experience.

Kirstin said...

House projects are fun. What a great thing to watch grow up around you. :)