Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Changing seasons

We keep it cool in our house in the winter. I wear socks and often house shoes. The seasons are changing now, though, and it's warming up here. Today, I walked around my house barefoot.

I sat on my couch and pulled my feet up. In proximity to my bare feet for the first time in several months, I noticed my toenails needed to be clipped. I got the clippers. As I unwrapped my pinky toenail from the end of my toe, I discovered the white portion was longer than the pink portion. I clipped it off, went to the next nail - it was a little longer. Only my big toes had anything close to a proportionate white/pink ratio. Yikes. I'm glad it's spring.

I'm not sure about the effect on our birds, however. Early Monday morning (our clock said 12:44am) I again awoke to terrified flapping. I didn't notice anything unusual - like normal with the night frights. Fortunately for my beauty sleep, they only occur every few months.

But it turns out this was not a normal night fright. It seems one or both birds was responding to another earthquake. Did I mention I'm unsettled by this whole earthquake business?

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