Thursday, February 19, 2009


The measurements on my tumor finally came in today.

Tumor size December 22, 2008:
* 12cm x 8.9cm on the axial projection
* 9.8cm coronal measurement

Tumor size February 11, 2009:
* 7.2cm x 3.8cm on the axial projection
* 5 cm coronal measurement

Approximately half the size, woo-hoo!

They also gave me a copy of my PET scan report from December 30. Reading it over, I noticed the phrase "intrapericardial invasion". I had thought the tumor was just compressing my heart; apparently, it has actually penetrated into the sack around my heart (pericardium). That is quite disconcerting.

Seeing the size reduction is overwhelmingly good news, though. Now, just to get rid of those remaining 7cm.


Jen said...

Awesome news! :)

melody said...

lyrl, this is melyody from ovusoft. I know we haven't interacted much, but you've always been someone I admire on the boards.

I just learned about your cancer and while I am so bummed, I'm also really impressed with how you seem to be handling things :)

Definitely rooting for you and praying for you!

Roggey said...

This is welcomed news! We miss you at SnB, and hope the good news continues for you =)

Jill said...

So happy that the tumor is shrinking. :) Hope everything else is going well.