Monday, February 16, 2009

Beginning EPOCH+R round 3

The CT report said my tumor was "significantly smaller" and that my "pericardial effusion was significantly improved". I hadn't realized I still had fluid around my heart (I had that diagnosed at the end of October), but I guess it makes sense: the tumor is still irritating it.

The radiologist didn't measure the tumor, so I'm not sure how much it has shrunk. The doctor said he's put in a request for the measurements. Tomorrow, when I see the oncology nurses I should be able to get the results from them. (I see them everyday this week for chemo, and then every day after that for shots to help my bone marrow recover.)

Since my white cell counts were so good last cycle, the doctor is increasing the dose of chemo by 20%. I might have more side effects this time. My main hope is that, with an expected lower white cell count this time, the bone pain from the Neupogen won't be so bad. Here's crossing my fingers for no additional side effects but less bone pain.

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