Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today feels like a heat wave

Thursday morning, I discovered my truck's battery is not capable of starting the engine when the temperature is -10º.

Friday morning, I was delighted to discover the plug hanging out of my truck's engine was a block heater, that despite having to be sanded before it would fit into the extension cord it did work, and having been plugged in overnight, my truck started even though it was -22º. A coworker commented that it was warmer in Alaska than in our town.

Looking at my local weather report, I see it reached -31ºF last night. (These are all actual temperatures that do not account for wind chill.) The local paper had said the record low—since weather reports started in our area over 100 years ago—was -28º. While it's neat we set a new all-time record, I'm glad I didn't have to go anywhere early this morning.

By the time our Bible study group met at 9:30, it had warmed up above 10º and everyone was delighted at how warm it felt. What perspective.

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