Sunday, September 13, 2009

Red bowl, yellow bowl

Some of our food bowls are red, and some are yellow. When we originally bought the dishes six years ago, it was half and half. When putting away clean dishes, I liked to stack them in alternating piles: red bowl, yellow bowl, red bowl, yellow bowl.

As time has gone one, some bowls have broken. And some get recruited for long-term use (more than a single meal): storing leftovers in the fridge or holding snack foods. I didn't always have an even number of different colored bowls.

The inconsistent color pattern sometimes really bothered me. I have several times rearranged the piles–putting a different color on the bottom–to make the alternating pattern come out. Last week, in exasperation, I changed to single-color stacks. One stack is only red bowls, one stack is only yellow bowls.

I feel good knowing there is now more order in my house.

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