Friday, August 21, 2009

7 Quick Takes (home improvement edition)

--- 1 ---
Jen at Conversion Diary generously hosts "7 Quick Takes Friday". This is my second entry; my first "quick takes" post was a lymphoma edition.

--- 2 ---
Last weekend, we investigated the broken exhaust fan in our bathroom. Once we had taken apart the heat lamp assembly, we found a dead bat in the fan housing. After putting everything back together sans bat, the fan works beautifully.

--- 3 ---
Over the past five months, a contractor has been working on remodeling our house. They were here everyday at first, but for the finishing touches sometimes weeks have gone by with nothing more done.

The electricians worked all day Monday. And now the contractor's work is all done! We're doing some more work ourselves, but it's exciting to have passed this major milestone.

--- 4 ---
Another sign of progress in our house is that all our pictures are back up. The construction pounding had literally made them fall off the walls.

--- 5 ---
Through our remodel, I learned something new about contractors: gutter installation is a specialized trade.

As electricians work only with wiring and plumbers only with pipes, gutter installers only work with gutters. I'm not sure if this impresses me with the size of the construction industry (that people can make a living working with such a small building part) or with the importance of gutters. Maybe a little of both.

--- 6 ---
Recently, my husband prepared to replace a broken lamp socket. I asked, "Do you want me to come with you for moral support?"

"Of course," he replied. "Just think of the immoral work I would do without you."

--- 7 ---
Home improvement is a rewarding way to spend one's time. Completed jobs often provide a sense of satisfaction that lasts for months or years. I feel lucky to have a home I can improve; I hope I can continue to work on it for many more years!

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