Monday, July 6, 2009

Raspberries, yum

Cockatiel eating a raspberryI harvested about a cup of raspberries yesterday. They have been bearing for a little over a week, but we had neglected to harvest any before yesterday. Everyone in my household enjoyed some of the berries I picked, including the parrots. (The cockatiel still has red stains on his beak.)

This harvest is a little later than normal (our raspberries are a June-bearing variety that typically bears in, well, June). But we have had mild temperatures, like last year, and the raspberries are actually fruiting a little earlier than during last year's harvest.

Our raspberry patch in the front yard is going gangbusters: almost all of my cup was taken from there. Our patch in the back, however, has been largely overcome by some kind of invasive ivy. Removing the ivy and keeping it in check looks like a large, labor-intensive project. I hope I'm up to it; losing those raspberry bushes would make me very sad.

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Jen said...

We have the late raspberries and have seen a couple of berries already. But I've also seen a bunch of Japanese beetles on the bushes and I'm worried that they will impact the harvest.