Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not alone

I have been touched by so many people in the past months. My family has given me exactly what I needed from them: at different times talking, listening, and giving me space. Caring and supportive messages from so many people I've met only over the internet have buoyed me.

Members of a knitting group I attend put together an amazing care package that has been helping to keep me warm, clean, fed, and entertained. My mother put it best when she said it gave an environment surrounded by love.

Members at my synagogue have called and written and offered support. Friends have helped me focus on fun things that have nothing to do with cancer.

I don't think there's any way to repay everything that has been done for me. This is such a short post for such an important topic, but I hope all those who care for me know this: it means the world to me to not be alone.

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Claire said...

It's a good thing to be. I am happy that you have so many who care for you. Still checking in, and still thinking of you...