Sunday, July 13, 2008

Garlic in the shade

The numerous trees are one of the major reasons we like our property. They're not all positive, though: I've had to move away from most attempts at food growing because our lot is so shady. When I attempted to grow potatoes, for example, I dug up less potatoes in the fall than I had planted in the spring. But garlic and multiplier onions seem to have promise: they do most of their growing in the spring, before the trees have completely leafed out.

I have no idea how the multiplier onions did: they have all died back, and I can't find where to dig for them (they'll just have to grow next year where they are now). But I dug up 3.2 oz of garlic today. To me, this is really exciting, because I planted 2.5 oz of garlic in the fall last year.

This is my fifth summer of attempted gardening. I had wondered if my food production would be limited to indoor pots of greens for my parrots. Now, I'm encouraged that perhaps I can grow a little something on a human scale, too.


Tausign said...

With 5 trees surrounding an 1/8th acre lot we wind up harvesting more leaves than anything else. Might be able to grow something in the gutters as they fill up fast with tree seeds. In fact, if left there too long they quickly compost and produce armies of seedlings. Perennial flowers are favored where there is sunlight as they require less care.

I do appreciate the shade though. Right now I'm outside with laptop and broadband connection under a breezy maple.

We go to Grandpa's house to work in his good sized garden. At 80 he appreciates the help and we appreciate the tomatoes, etc.

lyrl said...

It sounds like you have a similar tree density to us.

I've thought about offering labor for produce on a friend's land, or renting a plot in a community garden. It would be somewhat more work than what I do at home, and making it happen has not been a priority for me. It's encouraging to see that setup working for someone else, though.